Want to look through our paper options? We currently have our 2018 sample booklet, complete with sizes and pricing, available!

Our booklet contains 75 paper samples is divided into color collections with charming names - such as the stone, crystal, and jewel lines - as well as collections with specialized techniques like petal and seed paper. 

Email us at info@alunaworks.com for inquiries on receiving a digital or physical copy.


paper studio

Our expertise lies in our fascination with material.  With creative backgrounds, we love to explore papermaking through texture, color, and fiber.


We primarily work with cotton, abaca, and kozo fibers, and specialize in plantable, petal, and embellished papers.  Our paper is made for writing, drawing, calligraphy, letterpress and digital printing.  Although we are a small-batch studio, we are equipped for a relatively quick turnaround.  


Traditional sizes we work with are below, though we are able to accommodate alternative larger and smaller sizes.  All of our paper is customizable, though there may be price adjustments depending on the project details. Please note that with handmade paper, there will always be slight variations to the paper.  We believe this adds to the charm and individuality of each piece!


Pricing for paper studio inquiries is set for large scale retail or wholesale purchases with specific sizes, containing order minimums ranging from 25 - 50 sheets, depending on the type of paper.  If you would like to receive a few full sheet samples to experiment with, or have a smaller scale project, we'd be happy to work with you!  Please email with any questions!


Paper Sizes with Deckled Edge:

4x6" - 6x8" - 6x9" - 8x10" - 8 1/2x11"